QM&QMDI NEW??blanket&roller wash???

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    Jul 2009
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    Hey everybody,,Dose anybody use the Heidelberg QMDI blanket and roller wash yet??I just got some ,and as far as i know its new,One wash for the rollers and blanket,, just for the QM &QMDI presses,,I tried it and this is what i think.
    It cleans the blanket better than pronto,less "streaks" but dosent dry as fast,
    The pronto dry real quick,and the heidelberg dried quick too ,but pronto was faster.when wipeing blankets by hand,for me,it took les"wipes "to get the blanket really clean
    It also cleaned the rollers good also.I only used it for a couple of days so far,so i dont know about how it cleans the rollers in the long run..but so far so good[​IMG][/IMG]
    have anybody else use this yet???
    It smells like vanilla also...sorta