pws diagnostic tool for docucolor 252

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  1. ruben71

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    Feb 2014
    mexico city
    good day.
    I have 2 machines docucolor 250 and 252 and I need the pws diagnostic tool for docucolor 252 if anyone has it I need your help.
    I have the pws diagnostic tool for the 250 and the full repair manual if anyone is interested.
    I am from mexico city thank you ..
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    Welcome to the forum. However, just a quick reminder: While I greatly respect people for wanting to be able to maintain their own machines, or at least have the information to oversee maintenance and service, please don't get the forum into trouble by requesting any restricted or illegal (still copyrighted) material.
    It is fine to sell, trade, request or give manuals or tools as long as they are not prohibited from sale/trade and don't violate copyright (if they are out of copyright for example) or to ask about the procedure for obtaining manuals or tools that are restricted through proper channels. But please don't get the forum into trouble by asking for or posting items which are protected by copyright or restricted.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Milo Wilson

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    Dec 2007
    The DC 252 has diagnostics built onboard the printer itself. No need to plug the PWS in to run tests.