pushed alchohol through to MFC-240C print head but still not printing

Discussion in 'Small Format Inkjet Printers' started by juntjoo, Apr 18, 2022.

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    Sep 2017
    If you're familiar with the method of using a syringe + tube attached to the nipple that goes into the cartridge and push cleaning solution through to printhead to clean it, I've done it and each ink passage goes all the way through to the printhead as shown by soaked paper towel placed underneath, then ran several test prints and printhead cleanings and only got maybe a faint print from the cyan, then nothing.

    I'd put my money on it being dead, but maybe you guys know better. And as much info on these printheads you can offer I'd appreciate as I try to refurb printers, but have a lot of issues with printheads. Thanks