problem with uv sinocolor ufc300c dx8 tx800

Discussion in 'UV' started by sheep00111, May 25, 2021.

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    May 2021
    hi friends in february i import from china a sinocolor ufc 300c the thing is that the machine from the first day makes all but doesent print , test whit two printheads tx800 one new and one tested that they
    gave me but the problem still , these time they send me two boards set a main board and a printboard
    in this part i install the boards and makes the same issue all works movemnts back and forward ....
    but not print in these part i lost the hope , now they wont to send the board and printhead to test ,
    wont to re install drivers and connect another pc but when i turn on the machine didnt recognize now
    like if it not connected i check all the connections sometimes makes this fault too , i change the board fuses but its not the problem , change the board cables too left some photos here feel free to give some ideas , thanks a lot
    left some photos here if you see something it will be helpful