Pro 9000MKll unable to print on A3+ excessive noise

Discussion in 'Canon Color Laser Printers & Color Copiers' started by ctthuhuong, May 25, 2017.

  1. ctthuhuong

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    May 2017
    The problem is strange. Using Ilford Smooth Gloss paper. The image will start to print OK but very quickly the printer makes a very loud noise like a ratchet for a second or two, prints a bit more then another noise. I have to abandon the print job because it sounds as though the print head will be destroyed. Canon support by telephone have no suggestion to make - has anyone here had the same problem?
  2. OkiTech

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    Jan 2008
    If your printer is OKI Pro Color 900 series:
    Hi, don't worry printer head(s) won't be destroyed... Odds are Transfer belt has failed. Precisely-it's waist toner drive system has ceased to rotate.
    What did you do recently? Did you have a "Waist toner container full" call by any chance? Or replaced Transfer belt?
    Here is how we can check it - take your Drums (Imaging) units out.
    Take the belt out. There is a little white (well, originally white but, usually it is all dirty after some use) gear in the right further corner of the belt unit, it is being driven independently from the belt - try to turn it by hand, if it is too hard to turn or can't turn at all - that's the problem. You will need a new belt unit and waist toner container, Yes, both.