printing envelopes - looking for recommendations, low-medium volume envelope printer

Discussion in 'Small Format Inkjet Printers' started by Jeff, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Senior Member

    Jul 2006
    Looking for a printer that can print a nice color logo on a standard envelope in quantities of 50 - 500 at a time with a nice non-jamming envelope feeder.

    Color lasers require "laser envelopes" so the glue doesn't get stuck shut with the heat which adds to cost vs. standard envelopes, and still the pressure of the fuser presses the envelope seams into the front which doesn't look perfect. I'm wondering if there is a small-medium sized inkjet available (possibly in combination with a CFS for ink supply) that would do a decent job of envelope printing for these small jobs.

    Any inkjets have the ability to feed a good number of envelopes automatically, with low jam rates?
  2. Color Printing Forum Admin

    Color Printing Forum Admin Administrator

    Jul 2006
    Bigger production laser printers have tended to glue shut standard envelopes for me, but smaller laser printers somtimes do just fine.

    For example an HP 2600n doesn't have any sticking problems with normal envelopes, and does a good job on short runs if it's a small to medium sized logo (it's not very consistent in print quality as laser printers go so you get some streaks if there are large solid or halftone areas, but for most logos this isn't a problem at all.)
  3. xpquickprint

    xpquickprint Senior Member

    Mar 2007
    The HP 2600n has a couple problems for printing envelopes.

    1.) The paper path is not straight.

    2.) The paper cassette / drawer only holds a dozen or so envelopes, so you have to constantly fill it.

    3.) And the color to color registration can be off over the seams in the envelope.