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    Hello all.

    I am very happy being here. I am a designer who has the ambition to start printing also for his customers. Till now i am working with printing companies, but now i found an investor and i want to open my own large format printing store.

    I want from you to give me some information regarding the machines i need to equip my store for large printing formats, such as Banners, Car wrap ups, signs, windows tinting, Die Cut Window Signs, Labels and Decals, etc

    Please suggest to me machines, cutters and whatever you think i need to have. If you have specific brands or models you are more than welcome to suggest.

    Thank you very much and if you want you can message to me

    thank you

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    Hi Jon,

    I am actually a reseller of products from Roland DGA. I have been selling them for over 13 years. You can check out the products at and I think you'll find that they can carry everything you need. We have an office in Pompano FL if you would like to go see one in action!

    Dan Ramm
    TyrrellTech Digital Printing
    888.865.0300 ext 230
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    I see that this was posted last month. Not sure if you were able to find the products from someplace per your specs. We carry most of the products you're interested in at discounted pricing. You can contact Matt Shoemaker for further information- or 847-213-5927

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    IT Supplies
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    Hi John, we have nice used Xerox 8264E Wide Format system, this is a Rebadged Mutoh ValueJet 1614 AX, this a 64" EcoSolvent printer - suitable to print outdoor banners, car-wraps etc. $7000
    If you're looking for indoor application, once / twice a month we have an offer on 44" inch Epson, Price range $3-4K
    Please keep in mind that most of the outdoor printers require a RIP software that may or may not come with the printer, lets say brand new printer out a box, there is RIP software in that box at least it is not a common practice. Let me know what is your interest so we can discuss further as "I need wide format printer" is a really wide open question. Wide Format Printers come in variety, your list of products that you're plan on making leads me to think that it is outdoor printer that you're looking in to. The technologies behind it are different. Lets say there is a Solvent based printers, ink bonds strong and last for a while exposed to outdoor environment but smells so bad - to the headache & eye tearing. There is Eco & Mild solvent that slightly less stronger that Solvent but virtually odorless, There is UV Curable ink Printers, dries instantly - cures, resistance to outside elements among the best but it is not best suited for Vehicle wraps as it dries to hard which is not always beneficial when doing wraps and printed media need to be stretched. There is a Latex inks from HP - sorry I do not have much experience/info on these but let me promise you - it has it's own perks as well. Not printer could be roll fed - can print to cut piece or roll - to - roll for uninterrupted operation (say you can load bunch of images and leave it printing unattended) There are flatbed printers that can't print from roll can print 4x8 piece (or whatever the limit ) up to few inches thick - you print on plywood, tiles and many things - cons - limited bed size, there are Hybrid printers, they can run the Roll and have a Table attachment that can support rigid media - coroplast, foamcore, cons - Unlike in true flatbed, the media is moving there for weight is limited, I'd out it would be happy feeding sheet of plywood, also in True Flat bed you can print 2 layers which is beneficial for clear media - light box inlays or direct on glass, Plexiglas, etc. on Hybrid it may not register perfectly if attempted second layer printing. I am sure there is more to it. Narrow your choices than you can shop for better printer within best suited technology.
    Good luck.

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