Print to C5110s with E-22B Fiery

Discussion in 'Ricoh Color Laser Printers & Color Copiers' started by Mario Lemus, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Mario Lemus

    Mario Lemus New Member

    Nov 2019
    I purchased a used machine and do not know how to connect it as a printer. It came with a fiery, but I do not know how to connect it. I connected the C5110S directly to the network and am able to see it on the computer and configure it from browser. On the panel, it does not have a printer option. It just has copier, scanner, and document server. When I add it to windows and try to print, if always fails. Is this because it doesn't have a printer option? Also, both the machine and the fiery have 2 ethernet ports. Do I connect both fiery (with crossover cable) and network to the copier? Do I connect fiery to copier and then fiery to network? If so, how do I configure the ip on the fiery controller? Also also, is there a way to add the printer option to the machine?
  2. Hernan Navarro

    Hernan Navarro New Member

    Nov 2020
    Hello, but you could solve it, the same thing happened to me and it was because the function was not enabled in the copier. you have to enter service mode and enable it.