Print to C5110s with E-22B Fiery

Discussion in 'Ricoh Color Laser Printers & Color Copiers' started by Mario Lemus, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Mario Lemus

    Mario Lemus New Member

    Nov 2019
    I purchased a used machine and do not know how to connect it as a printer. It came with a fiery, but I do not know how to connect it. I connected the C5110S directly to the network and am able to see it on the computer and configure it from browser. On the panel, it does not have a printer option. It just has copier, scanner, and document server. When I add it to windows and try to print, if always fails. Is this because it doesn't have a printer option? Also, both the machine and the fiery have 2 ethernet ports. Do I connect both fiery (with crossover cable) and network to the copier? Do I connect fiery to copier and then fiery to network? If so, how do I configure the ip on the fiery controller? Also also, is there a way to add the printer option to the machine?