Print management to PRO C651EX

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    Sep 2017
    Hi all,
    This is my first forum post and I'm quite the novice for large printers. At my company I look after the backend solutions for follow-me printing tools, so not really the printer side.

    Our building reprographics team have a C651EX with a Fiery Color controller E41A. The probelm is that I've been tasked with getting this controller up to Win10 and on a regular secutiry patching. Fiery are very clear that Win10 is not supported.

    My question. Do I have another software option for managing prints queue submission to the C651?

    I'd like to have desktop/laptop which will run the network print queue for this printer. Select end users would submit their jobs to the queue where it will then be picked up by the repro team for printing. The current connection from Fiery to printer is ethernet, so I can't see it being a major issue.

    Many thanks,