Prinect Metadimension 2016 connect to Epson SC_P9000 Spectropriifer

Discussion in 'Layout, graphics, and prepress Software' started by Jonathan Stephens, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Jonathan Stephens

    Jonathan Stephens New Member

    Jun 2020
    Hi, I have just bought an Epson SC_P9000 spectroproofer with violet ink and I need to connect it to my Metadimension 2016 workflow for proofing and production.

    Stupidly I didn't check the Metadimension 2016 first and I can only find settings up to The Stylus Pro 9900. I have installed the print drivers for the SC_P9000 on the server, does anyone know how to import them to Metadimension - or if that is even possible? I can create a virtual printer using the settings for the stylus pro 9900 but am not sure if this will be acceptable or even colour accurate?

    If anyone has a work around to help me get this running I would be very grateful.