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    Good Day All,
    I need some assistance setting up my Presstek Momentum RIP please.
    We are running a QMDI Pro and a short while ago, the RIP Software crashed which meant we had to re-install the software.

    Unfortunately - after re-installing the software I am experiencing an error when trying to send new files to the QMDI Pro.

    In the Output Controller / Monitor dialogue box, I can see the file being ripped to CMYK on the ACTIVE QUEUE side. However, in the middle of the dialogue box DISABLE OUTPUT is checked and above that I am getting a message saying CREATE ERROR with a DISK ICON above it that I have not seen before on this or our other RIP's. The HELD QUEUE on the right hand side of the dialogue box is empty. No file shows up on the press.

    Please see attached pictures.

    Please can anyone out there advise on what the problem might be? I have obviously set up something incorrectly during the re-installation of the PRESSTEK MOMENTUM RIP software but I cannot seem to identify the error / incorrect setting.

    Any assistance from anyone out there using the same software would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance and all the best for the new year to all the forum members out there.

    Kind Regards

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    Can use Delta RIP