Postmark 1170 InkJet Envelope press printer product support

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    Oct 2013
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    Is anyone else having support troubles with Postmark USA (Martin Yale)? I bought an 1170 envelope press printing machine in 2020 and less then a year later they said they no longer support that 1170 because they have a "new" 1170 rapidcolor and I should just go ahead and pay to upgrade to that model. So, I can't get some of the most basic parts for the one I have even though it's the same printhead as the new model? The printhead failed after just 250K prints. New one is $3,200 plus a $600 set of inks to fill it and I get the pleasure of a 4 hour job installing it myself.

    The initial Postmark install was awful. The company who made the base (AUV), Xitron (Navigator RIP software) and Postmark. Could not get good prints and the finger pointing began. Nobody wanted to solve the problem.

    I know that Printware uses the same HP FI-1000 OEM head on their iJet series. Does anyone have info on experience with their support? I've about had it with Postmark.
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    Where do you purchase the printhead? Could you please share the details of the store? I have the same issue. Here is my email address