Polar Mohr 115E Measuring & display problem

Discussion in 'Cutters and Trimmers' started by Shuka, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Shuka

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    Apr 2020
    Saudi Arabia
    Dear All,
    Me facing two problem on subjected machine

    Problem 1 - Measuring or calibration problem
    26cm difference coming against input value

    Example 1 : if input 50cm, back gauge move and stop at 24cm ( 26cm difference)
    Example 2: if input 100cm, back gauge move and stop at 74cm ( 26cm difference)

    Problem 2: brightens is very low
    Machine display is working fine but not visible fine, when I keep mobile touch light ON near to display, all functions are visible

    If any one can help in details, that will be a great help. Thank you

    Shuhaib Shaduli
    Saudi Arabia
  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir:
    1) the pulse generator is feeding by +24Vdc test the power supply , and supply the board SAP between O and 90 degree during spindle rotation, this signal pulse with the proximity switch B341 UNDER the table, the mechanical reference is conditioned in Board SAP. look for a) defective pulse generator b) adjust the b341 and test if defective, or loose wires, or dirty, or broken cable.

    2) About machine display, look for the High Power supply to the inverter of display( use the schematic diagrams please) , b) test the flat cable for dirty, corrosion, or faulty and repair or replace, c) if everything is o.k Replace the Completely Display !!!

    Let me know, and use the "'common sense the most invaluable tools"" !!!

    Good luck