Polar 92X Errors_Limit Switch Error Table B/F 2369

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  1. Muaausa

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    Jan 2019
    hoping anyone can help with my Polar 92x Errors.

    All of a sudden upon startup it opens up to;
    1. Scan Refernce Position
    2. Auxilary Operation, No Pos.
    When I carry out 1. The backgauge only moves backwards half way & stops with Error_No Reference Position Impulse 653, press continue & it moves all the way to the back and then it stops with ERROR_Limit Switch Error Table B/F 2369.
    It does not move forward at all when inching forward.

    When I go into 2. Auxillary Mode;
    It only goes backwards when press back
    When I press forward, ERROR_Backgauge End Position (77),
    Can only inch forward.
    It only moves backwards not forward.
    I check/clean all the limit switches and adjusted and they are all ok.
    Hope anyone can assist asap.
  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir the error 653,can be this cause:
    This error message is displayed when:
    - No electrical reference pulse is detected during the reference run
    - No electrical reference pulse is detected in the switching phase of the
    mechanical reference switch
    - No electrical reference pulse is detected when moving over the reference
    position stored.
    - During the reference run, neither the mechanical nor the electrical reference
    point is detected.
    Check this:
    - Make a reference run and move the backgauge along the entire width of the
    table, if the position of the mechanical reference point switch has been modified
    - Check functioning and position of sensor B 341
    - Check cabling B 341
    check S1 electrical interlocking of rear-table guard (neither cut nor
    backgauge movements are possible)
    - Check backgauge motor, electrical connections and it's cabling.