Polar 115x light barrier interrupted false positive

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    Nov 2019

    Our Polar cutter recently stopped working in the middle of a job. The light barrier indicates that there's an obstruction, but no such obstruction exists. We've had this problem before, and subtle re-alignment has fixed it in the past, but now nothing I do can get any indicator lights (except D5 and D6) to come on. I've cleaned everything to remove potential dust, I can't find any loose wires, and nothing appears to be physically wrong with it.

    I'm wondering what else there is to do. Is there a part internal to the machine that often goes bad or gets jostled out of position? Is there an official method/process for properly aligning the two arms (as might happen during installation)? What diagnostics can I perform to find out where this problem is coming from?

    Thank you
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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir:
    If you test everything, please take care about Oxide pins in connector, try to clean with Contacts Cleaner Spray for electronic.

    2) You must test the power supply : a) in transmitter for +24Vdc with tolerance 3% up or down. b) in +12Vdc in the receiver side, with 3% of tolerance up or down.

    3) If the power supply is defective or is higher or down with the parameters of tolerance, go the power supply electronic board ps10, and take the test properly and carefully.