Polar 115em. Error 92 & 88

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  1. Samm

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    Sep 2016
    Hello. Good morning.

    I hv polar 115em. In this few days the machine shows error 92 or 88. I want to ask what is those codes really means and the solution.
    I have read the other thread about it. And the comment speak about the safety bolt. I have lubricated the safety bolt. At first it goes well. But the next day the knife doesnt work, only the clamp. And it shows error 88 or 92.
    I need some suggestion/solution.
    Is there any chance the problem is the cut buttons?

    Thanks before.
  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Dear Sir:
    Hi hope you are well
    Please take in consideration this steps:
    1) Test very well the problem 88 with safety bolt (inside the winding can be reheating). a) Tight any wires from them. test the monitor switch S.sb or sensor and b) wires from safety bolt.c) The knife exist the possibility are NOT in the Uppermost position.d) the section MHS or Knife Upstroke control MHS Logic, the sensors+24Vdc +5Vdc , look for the S22b+s22a limit switchs or sensor if they are adjusting o.k ?
    2) Test the +24Vdc to the monitor switch or sensor, see if they are o.k, See if the F1-fuse in the IAR is o.k . If after you did check carefully the a) safety bolt solenoid b) monitor sensor c) +24Vdc d) The knife is NOT in the Uppermost position.
    3) The board IAR can be faulty.

    Let me know any question or send me email

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