Pm 52 impression not coming

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  1. Sunilvaryani

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    Oct 2018
    Dear all
    I have a pm 52 we got a impression problem
    With the second unit when we put the impression
    On and run the machines the impressions don’t
    Come on the paper in the second unit
    Our mechanic is telling us that the gap is too close
    Between the blanket cylinder n plate cylinder
    In impression off mode the paper supposed to
    Pass through the two cylinders but it does not
    He says the two cylinder touching too much
    He’s gong to have to set the gap between the two
    Cylinders by opening the gears from the side
    Our operator says that he can still increase the underlay packing and impression will come
    Any suggestions pls thank you
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  2. Adil

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    Nov 2021
    Put a 0.4 mm calibrated sheet of a blue color as a covering, a blanket of 1.95 mm thickness after the first use the thickness of the blanket becomes 1.90 mm which gives 2.3 mm as cylinder hollow (2 ,3= 1.9+04 )
    Also set the print pressure to 0.10. now with these settings you are working within the standards after if the impression is still weak you must adjust the pressure between the cylinders.
    Good luck
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