Phaser 7760 - Gloss Paper - Poster Printing

Discussion in 'Xerox Digital Presses' started by uswm, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. uswm

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    Dec 2011

    I'm having problem finding a good gloss paper for poster that works with Phaser 7760. I want the result to be like movie posters sold at stores. So far I have tried these papers (all are 100# text):

    - Hansol Titan Gloss
    - Xerox Elite Gloss

    Both of them give me similar problems:
    - melted surface (sometimes and only on small random areas)
    - roller track on poster
    - smearing on random areas

    Do you have any suggestion on what I should do? Thanks.
  2. OkiTech

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    Jan 2008
    Hi. Are you really trying to match output from $6000-7000 device to those that cost millions of $ ? The best thing to do is use same equipment used to produce "In store" posters or tell the guys who producing posters for the store that they are an idiots and could just buy a Xerox 7760. :)
    Sorry for being sarcastic but seriously - you need to look at the way "In store" posters are being produced, besides printed most likely they're coated with AQ or UV to look the way they are. Doing the same will bring you one step closer. Next step is laying ink on paper - I own 7760 and went trough few of them actually - they all do streak on dark colors I don't think much could be done with that - get your file printed on some higher level equipment, it would be more logical and easier to find an equipment to match the job than squeeze top notch quality out of the mid level machine.
    Try to select lower fusing temperature level like selecting thin glossy paper rather thick glossy paper - that might help with "burned" effect.
    Interesting enough an OKI we have does not streak (it has it's own unhappiness about running glossy materials but does not streak)
    I understand that you may already have the 7760 but matching "instore" posters will require a higher end machine and a coater of some kind...
    Once again, sorry for being sarcastic.