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Perfect Binding Machine with Roughener - PGO, S320D for sale

Discussion in 'Finishing Equipment for sale' started by Jack001, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Jack001

    Jack001 New Member

    Aug 2011


    Paper binding and Jewelled binding in one machine

    Unlike other spine rougher that grinds the spine creating lots of noise and dust. This perfect binder with dust-free spine roughening unit, it opens the paper grain with very little noise and there is no paper dust. It makes the machine suitable for handling the most difficult papers and making the solid bind.

    Dust-free spine roughening unit
    Dust-free spine roughening unit feathers:
    ※ Two groups of roughening tooth with special angle and interval;
    ※ Convenient to adjust the depth and angle of roughening;
    ※ Grind the spine to strengthen the permeability of glue;
    ※ Compress the spine into a shape of fan to increase the sticking surface.


    Binding thickness

    2 sheets-40mm

    Max width of the sheet

    320×235mm (12.59 x 9.25 '' )

    Max cover thickness


    Binding speed/hour

    Up to 120 pcs

    Time of gluing

    Ten minutes with temperature indicating lamp


    220V/110V (OPTIONAL)

    Machine Weight


    Machine Dimensions W×D×HAdjustment for

    This machine is ideal for businesses, schools, churches, photo and printing shops to perfect bind hardcover and paperback books, menus, school yearbooks, directories, phone books, etc.

    Dust-free spine roughening unit

    Two groups of roughening tooth

    The comparison between before and after roughening

    Unique locking unit

    Adjustment of the depth and angle of roughening

    Finished Product Show

    What is perfect binding ?
    Perfect binding is a method of bookbinding that is utilized for many types of less expensive books, manuals, and other simple collections of documents. Unlike some binding processes that require sewing the pages into the spine of the book, perfect binding requires no sewing at all. Instead, a water-resistant adhesive is used to hold the pages in place by attaching them to the cover of the document. The perfect binding book thickness can reach 4cm/ 1.57'', the thickness of dictionary and bibles.

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