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Perfect Binder with PUR/EVA

Discussion in 'Finishing Equipment for sale' started by ballykea, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. ballykea

    ballykea Senior Member

    Feb 2008
    PHOENIX Perfect Binder is the most economical, reliable, Extruded PUR / Hot melt closed tank binder in the market. The gluing system has a sealed circuit, that is odorless and without fume emissions and is integrated with the cleaning system to allow for quick maintenance without waste of materials.
    The entire glue applicator is made easy to use and economical in consumption. The simplified mechanical setup of the machine reduces setup time and wastage.

    For a perfect and professional preparation of the book spine to be bonded the machine has a milling tool integrated with fiber opening tools specially made for low emission of residual dust. The nipping station for application of covers is manually operated or electrical as optional, and self-adjusting from minimum to maximum thickness.
    The cover feeding is done manually through a cover-positioning device. The glue coating device usable both for PUR glue and/or for hot-melt is equipped with vertical extruders, for the perfect spine and side gluing.

    The glue cut-off is very accurate, both for the back and for the laterals. The extreme simplicity of use and low operating costs make PHOENIX binding machine ideal for anyone who wants to bind books, Photo-albums or Photo-books in-house.
    The very competitive price makes PHOENIX the most economical and the most complete in the world market at present and allows the recovery of the purchase price in a short time and with a quantity of production.

    Book size min./max. L x H 120 x 110 / 380 x 320 Cover size min./max. 120 x 220 / 380 x 700 Block/spine thickness 1 – 50 mm
    Cycles per hour 200
    Milling equalization (single sheet) 0,5 mm
    Milling depth ( folding paper) 2 mm (optional) Fiber opening tools
    Paper chip suction device
    Device PUR/ Hot Meld for gluing milled or sewn book spine-no emissions
    PUR/ Hot Meld - for gluing one or two side of book block – individually selectable-no emissions
    Capacity of tank PUR/ Hot Meld - Kg 1
    Cut-off glue - spine and side
    Device for cleaning and sealing “ automatically and rapidly” of the glue appl. unit
    Nipping station device “ self-adjusting” manual handling or electrical (optional)
    Power requirement 220V/single phase-50/60 Hz- 15 amp
    Machine dimensions 50” –W 32” - H 43” (standard) Machine Weight: 530 lbs.
    full_Phenix-PUR.jpg full_Phenix-PUR1.jpg

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