Optically clear lamination issue

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    Apr 2019
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    I have been laser-cutting acrylic for a few years now. Recently a project came up and we need to reverse laminate paper prints on 3/16" clear acrylic. I am using a 27" laminator and applying optically clear adhesive with release on bot sides (cold application).
    The material is then laser-cut into shapes, and a die-cut magnetic sheet is added on the back side to make fridge magnets.
    The problem is, after 10 days approx., we can see the magnet is pulling on the paper and slowly de-laminating between the acrylic and the paper.
    I was wondering if :
    1) would a little heat with a cold application film help with adhesion? I was told a little heat helps prevent wrinkles and allows a quicker application, but not sure if the result has a stronger adhesion.
    2) would I get better adhesion t if I switched to heat activated film ?

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