Old machines + frequency inverter.

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    Mar 2019
    Hello everyone.

    We work with reforms and retrofiting in machines and graphic equipment.
    We are specialists in old machines and considered obsolete these days but their mechanical structures still guarantee long years of use.

    We recently tried to implement frequency inverters for speed control in old machines (first test in a SBG Heidelberg year 1958 + inverter SEW) but we did not succeed.

    The configurations are confusing and our technical team is not trained and apt with this technology.
    My question is: would there be any project ready or any technician willing to guide in this type of application of frequency inverters in graphic machines?

    Thanks for any help with our projects.
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    Apr 2016
    Hello Alfatech.
    The implementation of inverters in any type of machine requires knowledge of electrical, knowledge of the characteristics of the machine and have the technical documents.

    The great advantage in this type of retrofiting is the improvement in speed control, reduction in maintenance costs due to wear and the ease of obtaining spare parts in the future and especially safety.
    All of this adds resale value to the machines.

    Basically there are two ways of installing and
    each one has its pros and cons as I describe below. (Only a summary)

    1- Conditioned adaptation. (take advantage of the original commands)
    - Lower cost, shorter delivery time, maintains the original characteristics of the machine.
    - Requires the original electrical diagram and technical documents of the machine.

    2- Renovated installation: (exchange all original electrical components for new ones)
    - Total electrical renovation, future maintenance facility, updated electrical design.)
    - High cost, requires skilled technical personnel,
    longer delivery time.

    The market value and other mechanical conditions of the original machine will define the best option.

    I have often done this kind of service even on Heidelberg machines newer than yours. (MO, GTO, SOR, SM, etc.).Here in Brazil, this type of retrofiting is common.

    The difficulty and the high cost to obtain original motors and systems and the smoothness in the operation and safety take more and more to this option of retrofiting with frequency inverters.

    This is a very broad topic and I believe we can discuss it more deeply here.

    In case of doubts contact me.