OKI C941e/C942dn for light production ?

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    Oct 2019
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    I'm thinking about purchasing one of these OKIs to get into light production. Low volume flyers, postcards, business cards, letterhead, etc. Maybe 5,000-10,000 pcs runs. Anything larger I would outsource locally in Toronto.
    • The ability to run laser envelopes is nice to have, but not a necessity since I already have a Neopost Mach5/AstrojetM1 for inkjetting envelopes.
    • The extra white or clear colour is interesting to have (but not a necessity either).
    • I'm more interested in it's ability to handle heavier stocks (up to 360gsm I believe).
    • I'm also interested because of it's relatively small footprint size. I don't have much space for the longer digital presses.
    If you have one of these machines, are they OK for general light production? Decent quality? Are they cost competitive enough that I can still compete with the other 5,000 print shops in the city?

    I can also look at other light duty machines from mainstreams like Ricoh/Canon/Xerox but I'm not sure that any of them really handle up to 360gsm well, and I would need to find one with a small footprint.

    I see a lot of people compare these OKI to XANTE and there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on the Xante so I thought I would stay away. I also generally see these discussions are all talking about envelope printing, but I don't tend to see people talking about using them for general light production work (not envelopes).

    Just looking for experience / insight.