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    Oct 2019
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    Hi All,
    Love to hear any opinions on this.
    I have a GTO 46 set up in my garage. Plus guillotine and folder.
    I make conventional metal plates using positive film made from an inkjet without a RIP. The reasoning behind this is that I'm never going to be competitive for process work anyway. I did a thousand 4 colour covers basically out of interest and it took most of the day. A digital press would have spat them out in 20 minutes.
    We've had the setup over 12 months. It's working well. The jobs I'm running (mostly single colour) are turning out nice. Mostly DL flyers and takeaway menus.
    I have a good relationship with a cheap and reliable designer and my own subscription to Adobe.
    We do some basic marketing on social media and I do quite a bit of footwork. I enjoy doing sales and will very much continue to do so in the future but as we're in a regional area there's only so many businesses to approach.
    We're about 2 hours from the city of Melbourne so it's logistically difficult to do work for businesses down there but not impossible.
    I have zero interest in buying a digital press or outsourcing work so I can't offer an entire 'print solution' to a business.
    My passion is real ink on paper. Via a plate and blanket.
    I would love any opinions on marketing ideas SPECIFIC TO THE TYPE OF WORK I'M OFFERING.
    Mainly flyers and takeaway menus.
    Obviously I would be open to doing other things but these two areas seem to be the things where there's actually a market left for a single colour offset press.
    Any opinions, good or not, will be welcomed.
    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to everyone involved in the forum. And a big thank you to those who have offered so much handy advice over the last year.