NVDIA display stopped working.

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  1. Datum Print

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    Sep 2012
    So I have an NVIDIA display driver and has stopped working. I have heard some one can fix this problem online. Who does this? Apparently, Windows Updates has not told me to update my computer with a display driver.
  2. xfactor printing

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    Jan 2011
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    Which manufacturer is your video card - NVIDIA is produced by a bunch of different brands: asus, evga, pny, gigabyte, galaxy, msi, nvidia themselves etc. Identify the actual card you have and download the latest drivers for your os from the manufacturer site. Sometimes the generic/windows driver works, but I find it best to use the manufacturer's latest drivers.
  3. PPCRC

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    Sep 2013
    All NVIDIA drivers are the same regardless of who makes the card it's self. So to the Nvidia website and download the latest software. The site is pretty easy for downloading from.

    That will fix your problem if it is a software problem.

    However if it just stopped working 1 day then it would be a problem with the card it's self. The biggest problem with these sort of card is over heating. If the fan is clogged with dust then is could just be a case of cleaning the fan. If the fan has stopped working then you may just be able to replace the fan and hopefully get it working again.

    Without more details or being able to test the card I cannot really give you much more help.