Newbie who knows almost nothing needs opinion on paper stock

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    Hi forum,

    I'm still learning a lot and would like to know if someone can give their opinion as to whether it would be ok to print a full color image on this kind of paper, (made specifically for letterpress)... the full color image would resemble something antique so I thought I could make it work...

    Can someone offer the pros, cons, realities of doing something like this before I spend an investment into buying this paper?

    (choose Pearl white)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. turbotom1052

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    Oct 2008
    The pros are, that your choice of stock will make for the "antique feel" your looking for. The biggest con I can think of is that it will be difficult to proof. Even with the latest and greatest proofing technology, its always a bit of a crapshoot, as to just how the proof will compare to the actual printed images, when you're printing on a sheet without uniform caliper. If its in the budget to do a press proof on the actual stock to be used, it will allow you a starting point for more accurate color corrections. You might luck out and arrive at pleasing color with the first set of plates, but I wouldn't count on it unless you're willing to really settle.
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