Newbie could use some general advice/experience about cylindrical digital printers

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    Dec 2016
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    Hi and thanks for reading this post!

    I'm a grad student thats looking at launching a Kickstarter next summer and part of my product includes a tapered cylindrical bottle the size of a bottle of vodka (for reference).

    As both a reward for backing my project and as a continuing business going forward, I'd love to offer the ability to print on demand one of any dozen/hundred premade graphics on the bottles.

    Basically, I'm curious about the range of cost for cylindrical digital printers and the range of costs of each print per se. I recognize that there are lots of other costs involved, from labor to the number run a day, etc. I'm very open to hearing as much detail as possible, but recognize it is easier to give basic numbers to basic questions.

    Through web research, I'm looking at products like the INX CP 100 and Helix Inkcups. I like these because I am not likely to make large runs of any one graphic but instead, a conitnuing series of different graphics anywhere from once to 10 times a day.

    I have no clue how manufacturers are pricing their equipment, whether one fixed cost, a per use model, or flexible leasing.

    I also would love to hear what people think of the software used to operate these machines. I'm trying to be as lean as possible and making it as easy as possible to import/switch between graphics for each unique print.

    Thanks so much, I appreciate any input you may have.