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New Book Binder

Discussion in 'Finishing Equipment for sale' started by ballykea, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. ballykea

    ballykea Senior Member

    Feb 2008
    OMM - Model VANGUARD-PIONEER book binder

    Perfect bound softcover books sewn; books with softcover

    Book blocks for photo-books, also with photographic paper

    Book blocks with endpapers and lining for hardcover binding


    Closed and integrated PUR system with nozzles for maximum safety

    Waste of glue reduced to a minimum

    Simple cleaning of glue injectors

    Extremely flexible size changes

    Compatible with all brands of PUR available on the market

    Automatic Size Change:
    The machine with an automatic working cycle offers computer controlled size changes, which are performed automatically in a few seconds for easy operation as well as a closed and integrated glue application system (NPS PUR System patented) for the simultaneous spine and side gluing.

    The small amount of glue in the tank (2 kg) allows a short start-up (approx. 13 minutes for glue heating) and limited energy consumption. As an indication, the capacity of the tank allows uninterrupted production of approx. 700 books of 10 mm thickness. (*)

    Book covers (for thick covers pre-scoring is recommended) are placed individually, by the operator, at the register position. By entering the total width of the cover, the register pusher will automatically move to the correct position to ensure the perfect centering of the book block. With a symmetric cover, the center position will automatically be reached even when changing book thickness. When this mode of operation is selected, there will be no need for any manual adjustment to feed blocks with different thicknesses in sequence.

    The size of the cover and book block (head-to-tail) must be entered by the operator. It is possible to control the start and stop of the glue application with micrometric adjustments. Side gluing can be selected between 0, 4 or 8 mm by means of a 3-way nozzle.

    An air pressure control unit allows the operator to increase or reduce the quantity of glue and optimize consumption. After a few minutes of machine standstill, the glue nozzles close automatically to avoid spoilage of glue due to air exposure.

    The milling-notching unit:

    Allows adequate spine preparation for any type of paper and thickness. Special knives mounted on the milling wheel are interchangeable and usable on 3 sides for long-lasting operation. A mechanical adjustment allows the operator to change the level of the feeding of the book block so that the milling area can vary between 0 and 2 mm. In the case of sewn books, the milling station can be tilted away.

    After milling/notching the book block is transported by the clamp in register position with the cover. In this station, the spine and side glued areas are pressed. Depending on the type and thickness of the cover, dwell time can be graduated between 0 and 20 seconds.

    Upon completing the cycle, the clamp opens automatically and the operator can remove the book.

    Book blocks for hardcover casing-in (option)

    With VANGUARD it is possible to automatically apply in one single pass two endpapers and the lining material to a book block, for hardcover bookbinding. The endpapers are pre-gathered with the book and before starting the movement of the clamp is lifted upwards. The side-gluing nozzles will apply glue on the two sides with a double line so that both book block and outside face of the endpapers will be glued simultaneously. Once registered with the spine, the endpapers are glued to the book and ready for the application of the lining strip which has been positioned by means of special guides onto the cover feeding station. After the spine and side pressure, the book block can be removed by the operator.

    A standard machine can work with PUR or Hot Melt glues. When both systems are required for frequent job (glue) changes, an additional unit (hot melt tank+ cleaner) can be factory-installed as an option.


    Book size:
    Spine length (head to tail) min 120 mm max 440 mm

    Height (front to back) min 100 mm max 330 mm
    Thickness min 1,5 mm max 50 mm

    Cover size: min 240x110 mm max 900x440 mm

    Cover thickness: (grain parallel to travel direction) max 350 gr/m2

    * Covers of special materials and sizes beyond aforementioned data can be processed – subject to inspection by the manufacturer

    Mechanical Speed max. 400 cycles/hour

    Type of glue

    PUR in packs of 2 kg – all brands | EVA (Hot Melt) granular – all brands

    Electrical specifications
    Power requirements: 220-230 V ± 5%, 50/60 Hz, 1ph+N + PE Current 16 A 4 kW

    Different electrical requirements must be specified with the order OMM Vanguard.jpeg
    Compressed air required – from external source: min 7 bar – max 9 bar Consumption: 350 l/min Net weight of the machine : 310 kg

    Please visit us at www.specspecsys.com
    or contact sales@specspecsys.com

    Press unit Touch screen Milling unit
    auto size.png touch screen.png milling unit.png

    Glue nozzle and tank
    glue nozzle and tank.png