Nekoosa ThermaTac Vinyl Label stock through Konica 6085

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    Aug 2018
    We have used up to 14pt Synaps (Nekoosa product) on our machines (Konica 1085, 6085 and 1052) with gorgeous results. This ThermaTac is from the same company and I know it should print on our machines but for some reason the 12x18 sheet will leave the feed drawer but jam in between the drawer and the printer section.

    using the specified gsm setting, bottom feed drawer, tried both the 1085 and the 6085 (this is a color job) and it seems to me there should be no reason this cannot feed.

    Without listing all of our different attempts, does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to run this material?

    Would be extremely grateful for any input.

    (I have included the link to Nekoosa, ThermaTac, as well as the tech spec pdf)


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