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  1. Addison Shockley

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    May 2023
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    My name is Addison and I run Ready for Good Furnishings, a nonprofit furniture store. We get a lot of miscellaneous items on truckloads, items that come in cardboard boxes of all sizes. We want a printer that can do the following:

    (By the way, we can get a grant to cover the cost of the printer, so cost is not an issue upfront. Ongoing cost of maintenance is: so we'd prefer a printer that's relatively cheaper to run across time - for ink, toner, paper, whatever - and even if initial cost to purchase the machine is very high, that's ok).

    -Required: can print numerous sizes (ranging from small to large, say, 8.5x11 on the small end, to 36" wide on the large end). Might be able to get by with a smaller, 24" wide printer on the "large end", but 36" is probably ideal for the largest size we'd want to print
    -Optional but preferrd: can print from a smartphone, like an Android or iPhone
    -Optional but preferred: has vertical and horizontal cutters automatically built-in

    Note: we aren't going to be printing really fancy photos. We will be printing photos of sizes like 1.4 megapixels, pulled from the internet, because we'll be stock photo from websites where our items are being sold online. (By the way, these photos are going to be downloaded in .webp format, and I'm wondering if these printers can print .webp format photos or if I'll have to convert them to .jpeg or something first).

    Also, as a final side note, the plan is to get adhesive bond paper, so we can just stick the photos to the boxes and not have to get tape and tape them on. Maybe that's overkill, but it would save us time. I realize that paper is much more expensive, so it may be cost-prohibitive, but we may be able to get grant funding to cover the paper over time too, and ink / toner. We'll see.

    The idea is to sell things in box that don't match our furniture store vibe, and to print stock photos and paste them onto the boxes. Set these items on shelves in our store. People buy things with pictures on the box, but not usually cardboard boxes without pictures and just worded descriptions.
  2. Robert Hazlewood

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    Hello Addison,

    Based on your requirements, I recommend considering Epson Label Printer. It meets your specifications for printing numerous sizes, ranging from 8.5x11 on the small end to 36" wide on the large end. Additionally, it offers optional features such as smartphone printing capabilities, allowing you to print from both Android and iPhone devices. Moreover, the printer includes built-in vertical and horizontal cutters for added convenience.

    Regarding the image format, the Epson Label Printer should support .webp format photos. However, it would be advisable to check the printer's specifications or consult the manufacturer to confirm compatibility.

    For your adhesive bond paper requirement, while it may be cost-prohibitive due to the higher cost of paper, you mentioned the possibility of grant funding to cover the ongoing expenses. This would include ink/toner and paper costs, which could make it a feasible option. If you have more specific needs for printers then you can also contact