Need recomendation for Firey Rip computer repair.....

Discussion in 'Fiery RIPs' started by DigitalColorGraphics, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Anyone know of a solid source for repairing a firey RIP? I have the opportunity to buy a KM 3070 at a pretty great price but the external RIP won't turn on. Could be simple or could be complex. Searching the net but I don't come up with any leads on knowledgeable vendors that I could use / send it too.

    Not gonna buy the KM if I might have to buy a $8000 rip replacement.
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    Go to the EFI website and see what vendors you have near by. You can also try the EFI help line and forum. However there’s a good chance you’ll be referred to a dealer for any repairs.

    The Fiery you mention was prone to board problems. I would start there. You can even look into a computer repair shop and see if they can look into it. I’m sure some components are EFI specific, and will require an EFI proprietary replacement. But maybe you get lucky, and it’s just a generic PC part.