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    Hello everyone, I'm a student about Printing Engineering Technology in Viet Nam. I have a trouble for search some document about KHS-AI. It's unpopular. So, I need your help. Well, please send me some document about KHS-AI. Especially, I very need some infomation about PRE-INKING Function. Thank for reading and I'm so sorry if my English not good. !
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    Sep 2021
    Preinking can be of 4 types. Preinking 1 is when we have a machine without ink (washed). It is carried out in two stages, P 1/1 in which ink keys are opened at 30 and "E" roller transmits ink X times (default 20 but the operator can change), P 1/2 - ink keys are opened with the PCC profile for job and "E" roller transmits X times (default 7 but the operator can change). Preinking 2 is when we have an inked machine and we want to add ink according to the PCC profile of the job. Preinking 3 is a combination of P1 and P2, for example Unit 1 P2 and unit 3 P1. Preinking 4 is performed when we have a printed sheet and we have measured the density of the colors it was printed with, P4 puts ink only where it is needed or takes it out on a unit where it is needed. P 4 is two types of ink input or ink output.
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