Need high-quality color laser printer to print labels and booklets

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    First, I posted a similar thread in 2000, but seeking advice again since some time has passed...

    I currently have a Xerox Phaser 7800, which I've been using to print die-cut glossy label sheets and booklets on 100# and 80# glossy text. I also print materials on 100# glossy cover, but the labels and booklets are what I print most often.

    The Phaser 7800 is about eight years old now and has various problems at this point. Given its age, I don't want to pump any more money into it and I'm looking for a suitable replacement. I've been told that the 7800's replacement, the Versalink C9000DT, has a poorer print engine than the 7800. Likewise, some people have recommended the C60 and C70, stating they have excellent print quality, a straight paper path, they are easy to maintain, and consumables are far less expensive.

    However, that advice is a a bit stale now, so I'm checking to see if the C60/C70 advice is still valid, and I'd also like to know if there are other printers that can produce excellent output and don't have issues printing on glossy digital media. I don't need a high-throughput printer (I maybe print a thousand sheets a month), so quality is considerably more important to me than speed. I don't need a booklet maker, either, as I'm usually printing smaller booklets (5" x 7" typically), and I have to run those on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets and then finish by hand.

    There are various used C60/C70 machines on eBay, many with low page counts. I haven't purchased a used machine of this nature, and obviously there are risks in doing so. I'd prefer to spend around $10K , but am willing to spend upwards of $20K on a replacement machine if need be, although at that price it better be stellar compared to the 7800 (which I paid about $6K for).

    I'm ready to move quickly at this point, as I really need to replace the 7800.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!