Need help with complete workflow: links appreciated

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    Mar 2020
    We're starting out with the Canon ImagePrograf series here in our company (namely the PRO1000 and PRO4000). Although we got some nice prints in the beginning, using only ICC profiles and color adjustment made by Lightroom, we now have an issue that prints are comming out either too hot or either too bland.

    Wonder if anyone could help me out recommending either links or blogs to sort this out.

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    Mar 2017
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    Too hot has always been a bit of a Canon problem. Though, My Pro4000s always seemed to have a nice, balanced output.

    I assume you calibrate regularly? If not, consider doing a morning and afternoon calibration.

    I have noticed when printing on Poly, Vinyl, or Uncoated media - the output is extremely washed out or bland when selecting the Synthetic or uncoated media/color profiles. I was forced to used the glossy photo setting for all print applications. Currently I work for a vendor that sells Canon equipment, and they didn't have a solid answer as to why this was the case.

    It's not simply your working color spaces that have an affect on output, your output profile and rendering intent arguably have a greater impact.
    What time of work are you printing? Commercial print? Photography?