My 2 cents of ciss and inktank

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    Jun 2019
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    ciss setup completely hacked cartridge is

    1st canon reliable
    2nd hp also good apart from they not so good on the plastic an feed so they give more problems, also they are more brute with here head an have tendency to give problems with the ciss tubing.

    oem inktank factory buit ciss

    1st canon is the best by far they don't waste half the ink of the Epson flushing every second,pickup paper easier and has better print quality ,
    hp is 2nd if you consider hassle free low waste usage ink in purges an clean ups...

    p.s epson more than 4 color be it ciss hacked or factory beats quality in all brands an trully amazing...

    now an interesting fact,after i think 6000 canon blocked, i had to pay doggy hacker in papypal a code for 20usd to unblock it its norm in normal printer.. no on finds out because the waste tank normally gets full,before and a flaw in design the ink burns the board ,i had hacked the waste tank externally so didnt happen but my tech paid the hack 2 or 3 times and he says the canon blocked fo good.

    I think inkjet is going to change the game.look at hp pagewide tech where the printing head is the whole length of the paper and doesn't move,in large format, inkjet win the market, and with unmovable heads its smaller formats with less parts as laser,can dominate,we just need two thing to happens coated paper becomes cheaper in smaller formats, an secondly finisher option in inkjet....... I have got 7 hp pagewide some with dyes some with refill cartridge some w can say WOW, first they are in the Guinness book of record a the quickest desktop printer an second its damm hassle free with hacked cisss... iwhen u use ink w the right paper is impressive.. its quick ,just put it this way the oem cartrigde comes w 70ml, i have 2 linked to 100ml ml ciss tanks it can finish 100ml of on color before it prints 500pages under dbl sided under 10min... and use different inks from oem to generic pigment to even dye(not designed for this head but ate 20usd for 1000ml dye ink its paid already 10 machine :)hack the world..