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MUNK PSP Family / Series Gamma Bench Case Version D400 G150/50 WRG-TFKX 150V/50A DC regulated PSU

Discussion in 'Other Printing Equipment for Sale' started by Alonex, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Alonex

    Alonex Member

    Oct 2019

    MUNK PSP Family / Series Gamma Bench Case Version D400 G150/50 WRG-TFKX 150V/50A DC regulated Power Supply Unit for Sale.

    The power supply has been developed for applications in modern electrochemical process engineering.

    - High Current Switching Mode Regulated Power Supply Technology.
    - Current and Voltage Closed-Loop Control with improved dynamic response of the output.
    - Compact design, high control accuracy, low ripple, low weight (40kg), high efficiency.
    - High quality direct current, constant ripple, in contrast to other electronic rectifiers.
    - Remote ON/OFF control, actual output current & voltage indication analogue outputs.
    - Seven Segment LED actual output current & voltage indicators.

    Electrical Data:
    Mains Voltage: 3 x 400±10%, 47-63 Hz
    Nominal DC Voltage: 15 0VDC
    Nominal DC Current: 50 ADC
    Efficiency: 75-90%
    Ripple: <3% referred to nominal values
    Adjustment ranges: 0-100% of Nominal Voltage/Current
    Control Accuracy: ±1% referred to nominal values
    Ambient Temperature: 0-35°C (30-100°F)

    Condition: Pre-Owned, Working, Tested.
    Manufactured: 07/2017

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