Muller Martini BRAVO- HMI display problem.

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    May 2022
    Hi, we have a problem with a display for the control of a Muller Martini BRAVO machine. The keyboard and display are from the B&R company, model BRXTGR31.

    In practice, the display reads RUN MODE and then "sporun: can't load "global.txt"
    "sporun: program ends with an error #000:232

    The Tx/Rx LEDs on the PLC flash but then stop once the error occurs.

    We also tried looking for some programming manuals and the SPECTO-S software but we still couldn't find anything.

    Can anyone help me solve it?
    Obviously paying what is due.

    Would it be possible to retrofit with something newer?

    display.jpeg tag.jpeg plc.jpeg