Morgana CardXtra or Duplo DC545?

Discussion in 'Cutters and Trimmers' started by gazfocus, May 29, 2017.

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    May 2017
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    If there's one thing I really dislike using in our printshop, it's our guillotine. Not because it's bad, but because it's so time consuming and with registration being off on our Xerox C560, it just makes life difficult sometimes.

    So, we are looking for something that we can use for our most common tasks which is business cards and postcards, and have seen a Morgana Cardxtra with business card and postcard cutters, and also seen a Duplo DC545 for sale.

    At the outset, the Duplo looks the better machine because it can cut way more than the Morgana can, and can even do creases, but I've not been able to find out if it can read a registration mark like the Morgana does, to ensure the cuts are in the right places.

    I also like the fact you can store different job settings on the Duplo whereas the Morgana means swapping out the cutting cassettes.

    Any advice on which ones better? The Duplo is about £500 more than the Morgana.