Mixing PMS 2165

Discussion in 'Ink' started by JImmyg5166, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. JImmyg5166

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    Aug 2019
    Syracuse NY
    I am trying to mix PMS 2165, it's Black, white with pink and green. the result is supposed to be a dark blue but keeps coming out purple. does anyone have any idea's? Is the formula wrong? it seems every time I try to mix the green and pink together it never looks like the book, not even close.
  2. FFR428

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    Feb 2008
    Did you ever resolve this? I never mixed one of the Sxx colors but some pantone colors are a ***** to match. I normally stick with a good ink company. We all know ink pigments can vary brand to brand. What black did you use in the mix? Pantone suggests neutral mixing black (no blue pigments) but perhaps since you mix is going purple you could try using your house black ink. Sillier things have worked for me. The mix....
    green: 19,35
    pink: 15.37
    black: 1.96
    trans white: 63.32

    I also sometimes will mix a pms number or 2 higher/lower (if close in color) and run it a little light. Or reduce the amount of white 30% or so. When white dominates the mix I find sometimes having to push a ton of color to get a match. Anyway late reply here hope it was resolved. When all else fails I send it out to be mixed sometimes.