Metallic ink with DOP plates

Discussion in 'Ink' started by wiscowi, Jul 25, 2022.

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    Jun 2019
    I was wondering if anyone knows the trick to printing metallics with DOP plates. We had this problem with our Heidelberg QM's and now when I just ran this 2 color job on our Hamada b452a we had the same issue. The issue is the metallic ink creates a ghost image of what the other color is printing and sensitizes the non metallic plate. So when I just ran this gold and black job the black would slowly sensitize and start printing with the metallic, and even after cleaning the plate with conditioner it will still come back after a couple hundred sheets. I've tried increasing the fountain solution, running extremely wet, and adding adding alcohol but nothing seems to work. We've never had this issue back when we used to run poly plates and no one here really has any ideas of what else to try so I thought I would ask here, TYIA.