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Man Roland 300 Parts For Sale

Discussion in 'Offset & Digital Presses for sale' started by John Van Hoorn, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. John Van Hoorn

    John Van Hoorn Member

    Mar 2013
    Northern Illinois
    Roland 300 Parts for sale

    10 80.91H40-0977 Needle Bearing

    1 80.93E40-0870 Water Quick Connect

    1 80.07G362905 Ink Ratchet Casting

    2 80.91H40-9809 Needle Bearing

    1 HF2520 Needle Bearing (1 Way Bearing)

    1 81.07D903800

    3 80.05A306919 Gripper

    1 80.94A40-9424 PPL Drive Belt

    1 80.94H40-7118 Bearing

    2 80.99I30-0230 Top part above gripper (Lifter)

    1 80.37X442798 Sera Pump

    1 83.37X44-2828 Sera Pump Housing

    2 83.37X44-2798 Sera Pump

    7 80.04C30-0017 Coater Blanket Adj Bolts

    2 80.37X44-2880 Sera Pump Check Valve

    6 80.05F30-5774 Brass Nut Flanges

    2 81.37X44-2777

    2 80.37X44-2881 Sera Pimp Check Valve

    1 80.93K13-8093 Air Valve

    3 81.37X44-2854 Sera Pump Seal

    2 80.91A40-1830 Brass Bushing

    2 80.21C30-0419 Feed Belts

    1 80.21F90-A464 Sucker Assembly

    8 80.91G40-1553 Needle Bearing

    4 80.91K13-9850 Feed Board Wheels

    1 80.21C13-0493 Feedboard Brush Wheel

    1 80.98L90-1986 Sensor

    1 80.91G40-1528 Needle Bearing

    1 80.21F13-A420 Assembly

    1 80.21C30-0448 Bladder

    3 80.91H40-3552 Shims

    3 80.91G40-1528 Needle Bearing

    2 80.91H40-3503 Thrust Bearing

    12 80.11C30-3599 Nylon Headstop Guide Wheels

    1 80.91H40-8553 Infeed Cam Follower

    1 80.17D30-3790

    1 80.17E13-5171 Delivery Rear Hoist Cable 1755MM

    1 80.94A40-8030 U-Joint

    1 80.94D40-2013 Delivery Motor Backstop Gears

    2 80.93B40-0309 Water Valve

    1 80.08A30-1645 Damp. Roller Arm

    Part below are Good used or reconditioned

    Good/used water pan motor 8Z.37M51-3677 ($3600 new)

    ROLAND; R300 80.09B30-6766 INK VIBRATOR ROLLER #14 (2.795 X 29.527 X 29.527 EST.) -REFURBISH BODY IN HADRON PROCESS NYLON (still in crate)

    009D277013 ceramic water pan roller (shaft repaired ) by Hadronics in crate

    Botcher recovered rollers for R300 still in box & paper wrap

    #59 form

    #51 form x 2

    #58 form

    #60 form

    #57 form

    Meter roller x2

    #46 form