Made the jump to an online print shop?

Discussion in 'Print Community General Printing Discussion' started by Tony Malacina, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Tony Malacina

    Tony Malacina New Member

    Apr 2018
    Broadview, IL
    Just curious if anybody works for a print company that was all brick and mortar and then opened up to an online print shop. Meaning that the customer could point and click and no calls (in most cases). I understand the website aspect of it - what sort of things did you need to do for your internal teams (eg. getting a printer to print online orders, getting a scanner to scan bar codes to email clients tracking numbers etc.) Any insight would be highly appreciated - thanks in advance.
  2. Thanuji Jayathilake

    Thanuji Jayathilake New Member

    Jun 2018
    Hey! I've never worked for a print company but have used a lot of printing services as a student. Some people prefer online print services to brick shops however in Sri Lanka now the trend is mostly online in comparison to visiting shops. I use the services of anim8 printing services alot and it has both online and a tangible store. The company is very good in producing quality products and their online shopping services are easy to use and very convenient. Here's the link if you're interested

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