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    Hi, we have just replaced the main PLC board on our 8 color, and the VIMC 2 card. The problem is that we cannot programme the second 4 units (Units 5 - 8) ink duct keys to work. The blanket and cylinder washes are working, as well as the plate register, but the ink keys do not set, and show an error on the console. The air valves and gauges under the perfecting unit also do not come on at all, and they can't be turned on manually, the surprising thing is that we can perfect certain bond papers.

    We have followed the PQC-S initial setting instructions from the manual but to no avail. When selecting units 1 - 4 they show up on the VIMC 1 card, but units 5 -8 also show on the VIMC 1 card but then show as an error. There is power to the VIMC 2 card but the numbers are not reflecting on it, which it should be doing instead of on VIMC 1. We have also swopped cards and cables around but still no joy with the second 4 units.

    Any advice please?