Looking for DIY Lay-Flat binding solutions...

Discussion in 'Book Binding' started by microprint314, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Hi. I have a new print product, which is a large book where the sheets are 11x14 inches and the book block is about 1.25 inches thick.

    I need a means of binding with a hard cover, but also (ideally) some sort of lay-flat technique. It doesn't have to literally be flat like some of the new photo book binding methods I've seen. But at least "lay-flatter", as is seen when the book block is bound to a cloth and not to the spine.

    This is something I'd be doing in my small shop. In terms of budget, I'd love to stay under $2K for equipment, since I'm also purchasing a large format inkjet for dust jackets.

    I'm familiar with Fastbind's option for what I need. It would be more like $6K for the machine that can perfect bind my book, along with their lay flat strips. But I have yet to see what their final product looks like and the cost is quite a jump from the simple thermal binders I use for another book product of mine.

    Thanks in advance!