Looking for a laser pinter for home

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    Sep 2023
    I am looking at a Kyocera laser printer as the company specializes in laser printing and because I want to print on more than one type of paper than an inkjet printer, and because I want to print on the laser paper front and back. But I see that despite being an affordable printer, I think it's for making large amounts of prints per month (Like for offices...) and that wouldn't be worth it. It is this one: https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.es/es/productos-y-servicios/impresoras/ECOSYSPA2100CWX.html

    That's why I'm thinking about a home laser Canon printer since the brand is prestigious and I'd get one that can scan and print anyway. Because if I took the Kyocera, I would have to buy a scanner that would be Canon. My budget is €300-400.

    Can you advise me?