Light banding when printing XEROX Phaser 6130

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    First of all, been way happier with this than any inkjet. We don't print enough to keep an inkjet happy.

    That being said, today I hand-wrote a letter on paper with mechanical pencil, and scanned it in the Canon MX310, with no filters or adjustments, into Adobe Acrobat X Pro. It was a 300 DPI colour scan. It looks very even and an accurate reproduction enough for records on the screen.

    Proceeding to print two copies, the Xerox had a light fade band over the left-hand side of the page, beginning a cm in from the left side, and going about four cm to the right, all the way down the page. When I saved the PDF as a TIFF and printed it from Adobe Photoshop, same thing. Now I increased the levels of darkness to get a better print, although it continues to have that light band on the left side.

    Any ideas?

    This printer is several years old, and on it's second set of black, magenta yellow and cyan cartridges. They are not XEROX although they have not presented an issue yet. The Print Volume Report from the menu exhibits none of the banding, although it might: the black text is stark on the left column area, however where it prints out Legal, the first column header, the dithering behind it seems a bit faint. The black row lines that travel across the page are stark black.

    Total sheets is at 3704. Colour sheets is at 1807, and Black sheets is at 1897. I understand this printer uses the colour cartridges to enhance the black output, this may be the reason for the high colour number, when mostly we have printed black with it. Never had any service done on it. Always used high quality fresh paper. Currently has Xerox Digital Plus paper in it now.
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    I'd start by printing a CMYK test page with CMYK screeneed to a lighter percentage such as the attached PDF to narrow down whether all colors are affected or only one, and whether any defects align between the colors or are unique to each color drum.

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