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Discussion in 'UV' started by Wikke, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Oct 2017

    After 3 years switching back and forth between different brands / manufacturers we have still not found the ideal blankets for our press.
    It's a Heidelberg XL 5 LE-UV scheetfed.
    The problems we have is that when we change between different paper sizes the smaller ones always damages the blankets.
    The edges of the paper scares into the blankets. Even when we try with minimun pressure it will be damaged.
    By example when we produce 650mm x 460mm and then go to 750mm x 500mm the edge of the smaller size is clearly visible in the produced sheet. When we talk about uncouted papers that needs more pressure we can start changing blankets afterwards...

    What type/brand do you use? I can't imagine that there is no good blanket on the market for UV. On the conventional presses i had never that problem.


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