Laser plates through an hp 5000

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  1. Jtgiegel

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    Jul 2015
    I run a small printing company, we have an abdick 9980, and a konica Minolta bizhub c7000. We've been using a kimosetter for years for our plate output; about two years ago it broke. We decided to go the laser plate route; we've been using our c7000 to print them. It has worked pretty well, we have problems that we work through. We have an operator come in once or twice a week to run the press. The biggest problem we are having with the plates is when we run them througth our konica; sometimes the plates are clean and sometimes the plates have residue on them from the rollers in our konica, and it only shows up when the plates are on, and the press is running.

    We are considering an hp 5000, in hopes that this will eliminate our problem. Our plates right now that we run our 13 x 19.1, and we want to run that plate size on the hp 5000. My question is...

    Is it possible to run 13 x 19.1 plates through hp 5000?

    If anybody has any additional input, I will greatly appreciate it.
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    May 2012
    When I was using Xerox docucolor 250 for plates there was a intake roller mark/redidue also.
    When using Oki c9600 (Xerox 7400) there wasn´t. Good printer for the plates.
    Use only oem toner, oem drum, print only plates with printer not anything else.
    Use vinyl gloves when handling plates.
    Burn plate and then 2-3 times throught the printer again, max heat.
    Just before using rub plates with tapwater.
    I did use 100% pure tapwater on dampening system (kompac).