Large format printing basics - Where to learn?

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by James Prints, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. James Prints

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    Jul 2020

    I'm currently producing prints (illustrations) from my Canon IP8750. It's taken some learning, but I'm finally happy with the results from it and as important consistent!

    I get requests to print bigger, A2/A1 size which I can't do on the Canon IP8750 so I'm exploring getting a bigger printer.

    I have three questions I hope someone can help with.

    1. I currently print directly from Light Room on A4/A3 sheets of paper. With large format it looks like everything is roll-fed. To maximise the print coverage and minimise paper wastage, how do your print several images on the width of a roll? e.g. I want print 2 x A2 3 x A3 4 x A4. Is there special software that comes with these printers that does this for you?

    2. Can the printers that trim/cut for you cut out each image if printing several along the width of a roll? If not, how do you trim big prints?

    3. I can't see much online / on YouTube about the process/ tutorials of large format printing. Can anyone recommend an online resource or even a learning course?

    4. Bonus question, recommended printers up to A1 printing? Preferably with trimming built-in.

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    Sep 2020
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    I'm fairly new to this as well after buying a shop which included an Epson 9890. I was a Corel Draw user already from my Laser Engraving days. I just create a doc in Corel to the width of the roll I'm using and import the picture files, size them and move them around to get the most efficient fit. I was lucky enough to inherit a 2 metre roller guillotine at the same time, so although the printer cuts the sheet, the individual elements need separated and trimmed.
  3. Biggs

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    Mar 2017
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    1. Most of the Canon wide formats will have some light software that will allow you to gang-up or “nest” images.

    2. just about every wide format will cut the image from the roll after printing. You’ll have the option to disable the cutter should you not wish to trim. In fact, even though the machines are generally used for rolled media. Most have the option for you to insert a piece of cut sheet media. IE: a 24x36 sheet, not on a roll.

    the Canons, and many others, will also allow you to “print to edge” . So as long as either the length or width of your image equals the width of the roll, you’ll have next to no waste, and zero post print trimming to do.