Large format Epson printers putting out too much ink

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by Ron K, Aug 22, 2020.

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    Aug 2020
    Cleveland Ohio
    I am a local graphic arts teacher and we have been running Epson large formate printers for years. We print straight from our iMac machines using Adobe software. We do not use a rip.
    I needed to print some posters so I sent 10 to the Epson 9000 and let it run while I went home. Job was printing fine. Unfortunately I ran out of paper during the run so I changed the roll the next morning. After checking the paper profile (Epson photo paper 170 semigloss) I resent the job. Way to much ink. It was running down the page. Needing to get the job done I loaded my Epson 9900 with the same paper, check the profiles and got the same results. Changed to the smaller Epson 7000 and the file printed fine.
    We been running Epson printers this way for many years. I am an offset pressman by trade so these printer I know enough to be dangerous.
    Any Ideas what is going on here? Bad enough with a bunch of teenagers during this covid thing let alone having printer problems.
    Please Help!